Corporate Collections

Building a corporate collection is a great way to invest in your space and let your clients see your taste and attention to detail. Having an art-filled office can also be inspirational for employees and enrich their life at work. I love helping companies build a strong collection tailored to their corporate identity. 

When I curate an art installation for a corporation or private office it's as important to me as it is to your clients and employees. I want you and your clients to enjoy the collection now and for many years to come. It not only tells a story about who you are as a business but who you are as individuals.

When considering the process of portfolio development/ acquisition, one can not rush the process. I prefer to take the necessary time to research, source and appraise each piece individually and as part of the expanse of the collection. This shows my dedication not only as an advisor but as a collector as well. It's not about immediate gratification, it's about longevity. True art stands the test of time. Thank you, Marc Chagall.