Framing works of art properly protects and showcases individual pieces as well as ties together related objects within your collection. I can assist you with choosing and executing attractive and inventive frame designs. I work with a team of specialists that includes framers, mount makers, pedestal fabricators, and conservators. I expertly advise my clients on each decision, recommending museum-quality archival methods and materials to protect and display your piece at its very best.


shipping & fine art moves

My extensive experience overseeing art handling and shipping works of art assures that every piece you acquire will arrive safely at its destination – whether it needs to be transported across town or from overseas. I request and assess shipping quotes from reliable sources and carefully plan each stage of the transport to be seamless, efficient, and cost effective.

I also execute fine art moves. Works of art need special handling, and I oversee every step of the process, nail to nail, so your collection is expertly moved and installed in your new home or office.



The final and most exciting step in acquiring new artwork is installing your collection with an expert eye in your home or office. Whether placing a single piece or an entire collection, I carefully consider the requirements and limitations of each room, as well as lighting, framing, and décor.

I have extensive experience with a broad range of installation issues, such as siting outdoor sculpture or hoisting large pieces through apartment windows by crane. In addition to my own years of experience, I work with a network of professionals to provide many specialized services.



I assure that your collection is protected in your home and in transit. If a client does not already have insurance, I collaborate with insurance professionals to set up the best coverage for your collection. If insurance is already in place, I ensure that the coverage is comprehensive and coordinate adding new work to the existing policy. In addition, I provide each client with an annual updated insurance inventory that can be shared with your provider to keep your coverage current.  



Time, light and experimental materials make works of art vulnerable for damage to occur. I work with a team of specialist conservators who can make appropriate repairs to best retain the value and aesthetic of a piece.


fine art storage

I work with fine art storage facilities to arrange temporary and/or long-term storage solutions. These facilities offer a variety of services and fee structures. I attain quotes, assess what is necessary and appropriate for your individual circumstances, and oversee shipping and storage to assure a safe transition.